House of Megaliths in Wéris

Wéris, the place to be in Belgium if you are looking for megaliths, also, Wéris is one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia.

In the House of Megaliths you can find information about Wéris, the megaliths, the village and hiking possibilities in the surrounding countryside. We sell maps, brochures, postcards and souvenirs and we have a cafeteria where you can enjoy refreshments.  The museum illustrates the way of life of the first farming communities by way of displays, objects, models, reconstructions and an audiovisual presentation. Here in Wéris, a site unique in Belgium lived a Neolithic community some 5000 years ago. These people transported huge blocks of puddingstone rocks downhill to this plateau to build their dolmens (gallery graves) and menhirs (standing stones). Guided walks are possible when reservations are made, preferably two weeks in advance.